Beauty of Sibling Love

Today is Father’s Day and I was thinking about what this day meant to me. It was tough and tears were had, but I started to think about how it would’ve affected my sisters growing up as well. I have two older sisters and we are all a handful of years apart from each other and I tend to butt heads with the middle one more often than not. She’s kind of mean to me, but call her out on it and we move on. My big realization is that no matter what happens, such as a father that’s not in the picture, we still have each other. When we were younger, my oldest sister would be responsible for us, and so we were usually clumped together. There was usually an intellectual age gap, but now the dynamic has changed since we are all adults. Being the youngest, my role was always to cheer people up. Now, my role has transformed into someone that can bring us together, encourage positive behavior, and give advice about things in life.


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