Why I Started to Train for a Marathon

Honestly, I used training as a marathon as another excuse to start running with this girl that’s a cross-country runner. I don’t run. I especially don’t run long distances. My body is better suited for fight, rather than flight. I played football and wrestled in high school, so the extent of my workouts were essentially lifting and sprints. However, things kinda fizzled with her, but I came to love running. Especially running in the forest preserve near me. It allowed me to escape from feelings of insecurity and made me enjoy being immersed in nature. It’s also given me a goal and a reason to be an athlete again, which I do miss from time to time. It’s given me a lot of things to do and worst-case scenario is I end up taking better care of my better and live a healthy lifestyle. Another reason why I started to train is because I’ve always joked with a friend about running a marathon. We figured that we’re not getting any younger and the best time to do it was now. Oh yeah, a number of girls have brought it up and gave a lot of encouragement, so that’s a fun feeling too!

TL;DR: I started to run for a girl, but now I actually enjoy running and it’s improved other aspects of my life.