One of my Favorite Memories as a Lifeguard

It was hot, summer day without a cloud in the sky. A refreshing breeze would often come by and cool you off if you got too hot. School buses filled with kids laughing and playing rolled in. Probably a stressful sight for new guards, but I was an experienced guard and was excited because this meant that some of the off guards would be able to swim test the kids for the diving pool. I loved volunteering to get in the water with them because I would give them motivational speeches as they swam. My favorite speech consisted of me bellowing out, “there are two types of people in this world: those that do and those that don’t. NOW ARE YOU A DO-ER?!” The kids loved that one and would start laughing while they were swimming, which probably doesn’t seem like the greatest idea, but I was an arm’s length away and they all got successfully passed. I was a guard for 3 summers and 2 school years, and this is why will never regret being a lifeguard.